Fishing Bath Toys

High quality fishing bath toy wholesale,Fishing bath toys make bathtime fun for the child with this particular fishing set from Slide carousel. Release the lovable ocean animals in to the bath water, then fish them out while using magnetic shrimp around the fishing fishing rod. The fishing action encourages the introduction of your little a person's motor abilities and improves their hands-eye coordination.

Fishing Bath Tub Toy comes with a cute little plastic fishing reel and three character toys to hook, which is a duck, fish and turtle. The reel does not go up and down by turning the handle, but turning the handle does make a clicking noise which baby C enjoyed and had to do over and over. He needed a bit of help at first from mummy to show him how to hook the toys onto the reel but once he got the hang of it you could hook them all by himself! you loves ducks so you especially loved catching the duck with the fishing reel.

That the fishing bath toy are all little enough to be transported so if you are going on holiday you can take them along too or even if they are going to stay over at a grandparents house who does not have any bath toys,Easy to wipe down after use and easy to store away after bath time is over.