Bath Bubble Blower

Bath Bubble Blower Wholesale,The bath bubble blower is aesthetically adorable. With this product, there certainly won’t be disappointment for lack of bubbles. The blower blows them out about 2-3 feet, which is absolutely perfect for keeping the bubbles in the bath area. Another unique feature is this blower does not require a specific brand of bubble solution.

Also, the suction cup on the back of the blower is a good idea on the maker’s part because we all know anything on the corners of the bathtub are inevitably doomed to fall in the water at least once with children.

I would suggest the blower is set up safely around the tub corner first before filling it with bubble solution because of two small slits within the solution holder that could leak when expected too much. The answer holder around the bubble is see-through, that is nice since it allows you realize when you really need to refill it. I additionally discovered that once i fill the blower with bubble solution, it lasts certainly lengthy enough for just one bath (maybe even two!). Overall, the product has blown me and also the kids away using its value.

Bath Bubble Blower is a wonderful way to make bath-time exciting for children of all ages. With 10 motorised, rotating wands, this adorable penguin bubble blowing bath toy will create an uninterrupted flow of bubbles. Strong suction cups attach the Bath Fun Bubble Blower securely to the walls of your bath, while a handy on/off switch conserves both batteries and the bubble solution.