Magic Bottle Trick

Best Magic bottle trick requires equipment or setup and will certainly wow everyone else in almost any bar. The magician seems to thrust a gold coin upwards through the foot of a pint glass, when really they will use a French transfer to change the gold coin for their other hands and drop it into the top glass using the hands that's holding the glass.

The Multiplying Bottles really are a classic and among the finest comedy effects in magic! There are lots of versions available, however this model truly is top quality! The set includes eight nesting bottles (2 teams of four nest, and 2 outer covers.) Carry out the Passe-Passe routine: A glass along with a bottle under different covers frequently change places! A container amazingly jumps in one tube to another, then back! The artist and audience never appear to understand where it's. A second bottle seems, a third, 4th, fifth, sixth, seventh and lastly the eighth seems!

Amazing Pocket Magic - the Ghost Magic Bottle Trick! The special moment bottle states and falls at the command. The Ghost within the bottle only learns you. You have to check this out to think the special moment! Our neat Ghost Bottle package includes the astonishing bottle and directions of these neat trick. This party trick is available in a pleasant Pocket Magic box with string handle.