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Inflatable foil balloons are manufactured from plastics, for example aluminized PET film. Foil balloons aren't elastic like rubber balloons, to ensure that detailed and colorful pictures printed on their own surfaces aren't altered once the balloon is inflated. Foil balloons therefore are named simply because they sometimes possess a metallic coating to ensure they are shiny, however there has been concerns about metallic balloons causing short circuits when caught in overhead utility lines[citation needed]. Because metallic balloons may cause power outages[citation needed], it's suggested the metallic balloons not just be tied with a string or ribbon without any metal inside it, but additionally safely tied lower with a weight to avoid this balloon mechanism from floating away. When no more needed, it's suggested to chop this balloon mechanism to produce the helium and get rid of inside a garbage container.

A toy balloon or party balloon, is really a small balloon mostly employed for decoration, advertising and child toy. Toy balloons are often made from rubber or aluminized plastic, and inflated with air or helium. They are available in an excellent number of dimensions and shapes, but they are most generally 10 to 30 centimeters across. Toy balloons aren't thought to include "sky lamps" (hot-air paper balloons), although these too are or were utilised as child toys in certain parts around the globe.