Foam Bath Toys

Foam Bath Toys For Sale, foam letters and numbers into the water and let your kids have some fun sticking them all over the tub walls. Using a pen or pencil, trace your letter and number stencils onto the craft foam sheets. Since our stencils were not big enough, I used our old bath set as the stencils.

A educational and fun bath toy for children of every age group is foam bath toys. usually have loved adhering these foam toys all around the tub wall while attempting to create new words.

What does foam bath toys do? Foam letters and numbers that stick to the bath tub for hours of bath time fun. Cut out the letters and numbers with a pair of scissors. also cut out some math symbols to help my first grader with his addition and subtraction.

Foam Bath Toys: children each have their own cup for the tub. Foam is fun because it sticks to the side of the tub. children also has foam cars. He has a lot of fun with these.

Foam bath toys is Teach your little one in bath-time to recognize letters or to spell . Pick up some inexpensive floating craft foam at your local craft shop. It is available in bright colours and can easily be cut to resemble every letter of the alphabet — perfect for bath-time learning letters!