Magic Trick Rope

The cut and restore magic trick rope is really a magic effect where the artist cuts a bit of rope (usually tied right into a knot) which in turn seems to become amazingly restored. Sometimes the secret is completed with a bit of string, a handkerchief, or perhaps a turban rather than a real rope.

A unique set of magnets for magic rope tricks that let you perform Cut & Restored along with other incredible rope methods. They are high power Neodymium magnets (the most powerful for his or her size), inside a special customized mild steel threaded casing which will help preserve the magnets as well as secure them firmly within the rope.

The very best magic rope trick is known as ‘magician’s rope’. It's cotton rope and also the core continues to be removed. Magician’s rope is simple to find on the web and you are able to purchase it from many different shops.